The Texas State Specialized Telecommunications Assistance Program (STAP) is basically a program that provides free telecommunications equipment to persons whose disability hampers their ability to use the telephone network. More information is available at

Q. Must I apply through a particular Vendor (company)?

A. No. Some vendors would help you to fill out an application. You may also apply by downloading the form necessary online at

Q. Must I obtain my equipment from the vendor that helped me to fill out my application?

A. No. You are free to get your equipment from any vendor. A list of vendors is provided to you by the State when your voucher is mailed to you.

Q. Why was my voucher mailed directly to a vendor, instead of to my address?

A. If you did not give permission to the vendor that helped you to fill out your application to have the voucher mailed to their office, you should lodge a complaint with the STAP office. It is a fraud for any vendor to have a voucher mailed to them without your consent.

Q. Can a Vendor get paid for my equipment without supplying me with the equipment?

A. No. This is fraud and should be reported to the STAP office.